The Bad Effects of Crash Diets

September 19, 2010

The Bad Effects of Crash Diets

Many people diet to lose weight. They will use crash diets to lose weight fast. Yet there are many reasons they should not use crash diets. Crash diets are not good for a person. They are not good for the body since they deprive the body on the nutrients a body needs to function.

When a person uses a crash diet, they stop ingesting certain vital nutritional substances the body needs to function such as vitamins and minerals. This will cause the body not to work properly. Calcium is one such thing that is not ingested and the body will then take the calcium from the bones as a result. The result of this happening is weaker bones and teeth.

Crash diets weaken the immune system. The body will not have the needed source of healthy foods and liquids to combat illnesses. Eating the right foods will help the body store up things needed to fight off a cold, the flu, and many other health related illnesses.

Crash diets can lead to eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. Bulimia is a disease where people will eat normally then force themselves to vomit to remove the food from their stomach. This not only removes the food from the stomach but also causes the acids from the stomach to race through the digestive upper tract and an effect the health of the teeth by eroding them.

Anorexia is the starving of the body by removing food. It causes the harmful damage to the heart, liver, kidneys, and other major body parts by placing stress on them from lack of nutrients. It also causes the body to take the calcium from the bones and teeth to continue functioning.

Crash diets are extremely different from abstaining from certain foods or drinks as used with fasting. Fasting is the concept of avoiding different foods of drinks for a short period of time and is used in most religious practices. Fasting is considered a religious method to cleanse the body as an offering for certain personal reasons. It is not a dieting method to lose weight.

Crash diets should be avoided at all times. There are no benefits of using this diet method. The body will lose weight yet the person is actually starving the body instead of reducing food intake properly. The weight loss will be temporary due to the starving body taking the food once the person starts to eat again and hold fast to the all of the things within the foods. This will cause to weight gain.

Crash diets produce temporary weight loss and many negative effects on the body. They should be avoided at all costs. The body is built to lose weight drastically so the body will fight to survive on its own even while the person is using a crash diet.

Proper lose weight consists of taking healthy steps to take to create a long lasting weight loss while providing the body all the healthy essential nutrients and vitamins.

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